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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reward offered: one missing blogger!!

Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen,
But give us the determination to make the right things happen.
Peter Marshall.

Where have I been? I needed a break so I had one. Lol. Some time was needed to get a very big knitting project done and every bit of spare time was applied to getting to the finish line. Here is the glorious piece of work I have spent these many passed weeks......

This lovely cradle cover has been knitted in 4 ply and the pattern is from the book Traditional knitting for children and bears. The cradle cover also comes with a pillow cover and both pieces of work are trimmed with a lace edging.

 The finished measurement for the cradle cover was 74cm x 66cm. Not that big really is it? Good size for a cradle but the lady was suggesting she would like a blanket size, so........ding ding......I made it again in a larger size, using 8 ply instead of 4 ply. Here it is again almost finished and measuring in at 89in x 89in.....and with pillow cover.

So my friends, that is what has kept me from blogging. Which ever set is not needed can be sold. Yesterday I did manage to make this cool looking cover for my ottoman. I will be taking this to my library for the kids to use. They can throw the cushions over it and have a fun time reading books.

                       Gotta love that face!
Had a bit of ‘me’ time this morning roaming around the garden. Unfortunately there is nothing much happening flower wise due to our very hot summer. 
 My favourite niece Lisa bought me this cute little welcome sign. She knows how much I welcome visitors.

Well gals, I have a few pair of knitted slippers I need to make before next weekend’s markets. I have had several orders asking for slippers, so slippers they will have. 

We have a lovely long weekend here for Labour Day. Labour Day in Australia celebrates workers’ role in contributing towards the nation’s economy.

Cheers, Anita.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Friends and acquaintances.

First keep peace within yourself,
then you can also bring peace to others.
-Thomas รก Kempis
I had such a wonderful social week, catching up with many friends and acquaintances I hadn’t seen in a long time. One visit I was really hanging for was the get together with Maria from Life on the Block blog. I shot off in the car with my partner-in-crime companion Heather and drove over to a sleepy little historical town and met up with Maria and her tribe of friends.

Here we are, the three of us. Now......the villain on the left of your screen is Heather the feather (I’m surprised her little horns and pokey tail were not visible), the lovely Maria....oh and that’s me on the right of your screen (the innocent looking one) lol.

Heather, Maria & I
It was lovely to catch up with you Maria, I had been  looking  forward to it for so long. Your tribe of patch working friends are truly fun ladies. Here they are below.
I had mentioned to you before about the markets I was going to sell some of my goods at, well that happened yesterday and what fun I had. Here is our little stall being set up by Lynda.

A side view.....
This is my collection of handmade goods.
It was a warm day with some lovely breeze coming through. Met some of the stall holders next door and terrorized them with friendly fire. Lol I also met so many friends I hadn't seen for ages and lots of customers from when I worked at the local library. Lots of chatting and catching up all day. Super!!
Pretty happy with my sales and will be attending the next market too.

I have almost finished my big knitting project to show you for next time....well the first part of it anyway. Lol
Stay happy and I’ll be back next week.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back to work.

Instill the love of you into all the world
For a good character is what is remembered.
-The Teaching for Merikare, par 24.

All I can say is......’Oh I miss my nana naps’! Lol....I returned to work after having almost 6 weeks annual leave and over the holidays I learnt the art of having a sleep in the afternoons (something I don’t do).. My first day back was a scorcher of a day and by noon I was a dreaming of having a lovely nap.. Other than that I settled back into work pretty well and the other mad cappers that work there helped the day cruise on.

I’m afraid that my craft time has been slashed this week and can show you only a couple of items I have made. I have a major project on the go but I would love to show you it when I’ve finished.

But grab a cup of tea, have a seat and come with me as I share my week with you.........

Having been inspired by little Miss Shae’s tooth fairy doll, I decided to make another one to sell at the markets.........
 A groovy little pair of boot cuffs for a sweet niece of mine. I knitted these in 8 ply, soft pink and I’m afraid I just made up the pattern as I went but they turned out just right. Little boot cuffs are the rage apparently so I’m going to make some for the coming winter season..
 Awww..............I just have to show you Heather the feather’s aliens. Heather had made one of these then she had to make more. Typical of her character I might add ie her shoefetish (Imelda). Ooops! Just leaving the slinging off right here, I must say they are pretty cool and one of them even reminds me of her. lol
 A wonderful piece of material that Imelda ......Heather gave me yesterday. I’m hoping I have enough of it to cover a stool for the library. Fingers crossed.
 Check this out! Cory took these photo’s at about 6.45 the other night. Darkness hadn’t quite set in and here we have a light blue sky with pink shaded clouds passing the moon
 ...bit more of a close up...the closer Cory zoomed in the darker the background but still the pink haze.
 Closer still and look at that moon! I love the detail in that shot. Cory is a champion with a camera.

 Any one remember what these funny looking things might be? No? If you have a look at a photo from the olden days and have a gander at the telephone poles you will see these funny little things. They are glass insulators that used to suspend phone lines (and power lines) from supporting poles. Hubby found them out in the bush. Pretty cool find hey?
 Oh, oh and yes, my little helper Milo (Mr Backyard destroyer). Milo had to investigate these curious things.
Look at that innocent face....not!! Lol!!

Well that’s my week wrapped up but I leave you with a thought. Something I have wondered about for such a long time and perhaps someone out there can answer this question.

You know when people get ideas from seeing other people’s work ie architects. They have seen other buildings and add this to it or that to it. Can someone please tell me where did the Romans get the idea for any one of those 1000’s of beautiful buildings over there? Examples the Pantheon, any thing in the Forum, the Leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum?

I mean truly, what did they see in the first place that would make them create such beautiful buildings and designs like that. If anyone out there has any thoughts, please share with me, I’d love to hear what you think.
See you next time groovy cats.
Cheers, Anita.

                                                      The Pantheon, Rome.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Market day, gifts and UFO's

  Cheerful company
shortens the miles.
-German proverb
Waking up yesterday morning was so much cooler than the morning before....what a relief! We had one of the hottest days I can remember, with it being 46C under the shade! Eekkk! Let’s see what today brings us shall we? Lol

Hey, you've got to go visit this cute blog for heaps of inspiration. I have to warn you, you'll be knocked over.

A fair bit of action has been going on around here this last week. Market day is coming up and I have made a start with these beauties that I have a lot of success with....


A cute little child’s bag....

It’s wonderful having a cute little niece to spoil as there was never any pink happening in my house as it is full of boys. For my sweet little Shae I made a rather bright, fun cushion to decorate her bedroom....that is full of pink stuff. 

Had to make a tooth fairy doll to go with it of course......


and I couldn't possibly throw away the last little bit of that fabulous print, so I made a delicious little cushion with her name stitched on it. I'm so excited for her! lol Pink tie to hang it on something.

Even made something for myself this week. Heather the feather gave me this crazy yarn as part of my birthday gift and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The minute Heather left my house I had stitches on the needle going for it. I could see a yummy cowl being made. It didn’t matter how many photos I took, the real colour just didn’t show up. The yarn is actually a bright green.

I have managed to end up with some ufo’s....silly me. I have been commissioned to knit a baby blanket and pillow case cover, which I have on the go....

      a crocheted top (also for me) on the go....

and started sewing these beautiful pieces of fabric together.

Before I buzz off, as always, I wish you all a lovely creative week ahead. My thoughts are with John as he faces another round of chemo. May it be Godspeed my friend. xx   
Regards, Anita.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Boy it's hot!!!

The busy bee teaches us two
lessons: one is not to be idle, and the other is not to get stung.
-Early American proverb
Good morning to you all! We’ve had such a busy morning already that I thought I would quickly pop in and post. With our temperatures being so hot already in the mornings, it is a wise choice to get as many outside chores done before it is impossible to do so.

The production line was a bit slow this week, due to the heat, in terms of crafting in my sewing shed but I did manage to get some things made.
            Here we go......
My knitted garden gnome sits proudly with his shaggy beard. A quick and easy knitting project using left over bits of yarn in 8 ply. Any of you wonder what to do with those unusual yarns you have left over that you can still use for something? This was a perfect choice here for the beard yarn. I managed to use what was left of this funny yarn without having to throw it out.

.......another head band. I think I have enough headbands made as a starter for the coming winter season. My plan for this year is to get ahead craft wise and I’m so far sticking to the plan. 

What I have enjoyed about the headbands is:                you can use your scraps up
        Cast on as many stitches as you like to
        cater for all sizes
        Add all sorts of embellishments to them

I bought this super little book for Heather the feather’s Christmas gift and I am looking through it now for some ideas. It’s loaded with great fun ideas.

I made this i pad holder using measurements from a friends i pad and will sell this at the markets. I will try my luck there and if it sells I will make more.

And.......I made this little i pod mini carry bag for when I’m at the gym so I can listen to my music and not worry where the pod has slipped while on the treadmill. Lol

I hope where ever you are the weather is treating you kindly....we’re in for a whopping 40C by Mr Weatherman. Hubby has just put chlorine in the pool for today’s swim. That’s where we’ll be.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still crafting

A glorious sunset, a baby’s smile, a beautiful work of fine art. Divine essence is everywhere in the eyes of the heart.
Always on the look out for a new and easy headband pattern, I have again been lucky to come across another little cutie. It’s pretty amazing all the different styles and variations that are floating around out there. This one has a little twist in the front and is done in single rib stitch.

 I can’t remember where I got the pattern from but I did cast on 14 sts and 10 ply, work 32 rows rib. To do the twist I slipped 7 sts on to a cable needle and held at back of work and knitted the next 7 sts, then knitted the sts on the cable needle. Continue in rib st and cast off.. 

Here's something interesting for Aussie bloggers...After the bush fires in South Australia, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is calling for people to sew mittens for the koala bears whose little feet have been burnt in the fires. For all the details click here
Below is how mine have turned out. They are quick, simple and you can churn them out very fast. I will mention that when you down load the pattern make sure you adjust your printer to A4. It does mention it on the pattern, but it is not highlighted.

What have I been up to during my holidays?........
Made a cover for my note book

Gone to the library and found some super books 

Had another shot at crocheting. Love these cute 
buds? Click here for pattern.

Made a little owl to sell at the markets...
Admiring our little smiling assassin...so cute.
Today is major sewing day. Very happy I have managed to blog early this morning, off to have breakfast and then into the sewing shed I go. 

Thoughts go out to our Aussie friends roughing it with the bush fires raging around the country. Beaming you heaps of love and strength.
Regards, Anita.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A head start.

A well spent day
Brings a happy sleep.

-Leonardo da Vinci.
Having completely left 2014 behind me, I’m now on a 

mission to get a head start on my projects before I get 

bogged down.....like last year! As I struggled through 

2014,on many levels, I kept thinking to myself ‘why 

didn’t you start this months ago’? I believe the only 

thing I managed to get right was to start my Christmas 

shopping and gift making in July. Having said that, I 

have decided one of my busiest times through the year 

is always through winter. Everyone is after mittens, 

scarves and head bands and I’m usually flat out trying 

to fill orders. So you know what?..........I’ve started already 

with head bands.

                                              How groovy are these?
One of my friends from gym gave me her cloth doll and 

asked if I could give her a make over ie new outfit, new

hair. I wish I had taken a photo of what she looked like

to start with. Little dolly now has new pants, shoes, 

petticoat, dress and hair. It was quite a job to remove 

the old hair which was hot glue gunned on to her 

head!!! Eekkk! I’m still going to add a bit of bling to

the bodice and maybe a beaded bracelet, or if I feel like

being saucy.....perhaps an anklet.

She’s so cute.
As we are in our summer and the days are pretty hot, I make my way out to the sewing shed in the mornings before it gets unbearable in there. I was wondering what to do with a lovely piece of fabric someone had given me a while back. I came up with a great idea.........a new skirt. I found a basic skirt pattern and added a small 3 inch ruffle to the bottom. Elastic waist....of course. Lol

It feels so nice on.
I plan to have a great week ahead.....Heather’s birthday is on Tuesday so I’m taking her out to morning tea out of kindness and revenge. Lol Yesterday Heather came over and allied with my boys.....lol.......all against me they were, with Heather at the helm. I have a plan for that rat bag. Lol

You guys have a super duper week ahead, do whatever it is that makes you happy, create to your hearts content. I plan to do the same.
Cheers, Anita.       


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