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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Make us happy and
You make us good.
-Robert Browning.
Hey morning gals! I’ve had a bit of a late start to the morning but I’ve been out selling cowls already!! Sold 2. How great is that? My holidays have drawn to an end........and I want them back. Lol Anyone else having trouble with blogger letting you change fonts? I can only change a few words, but the body of this blog doesn't change...even by typing it up in word first. Weird!

It’s really been one great big knit-a-thon around my parts these last few weeks. Filling knitting orders and selling goods at the markets have certainly kept Heather and I busy. I’m getting a little stress about my show entries because I don’t think I have been able to make as much as I usually would do.
My week was filled with.......A trip to the local craft shop. That was heaps of fun. 

 This free pattern from Ravelry is called Wurm, but I’m thinking I might call it an Ashlee cap! Love the cool colour. Click here for pattern.

 I adore the top of this cap, it looks so smart.

Knitted baby beanies for consignment......and they were super fun to knit. I’ve done one in plain and one in cable with each colour I used. Click here for the pattern
 Haven’t quite got to knitting the cable pair for these two.
 I’m flicking through this super book of Heather’s. The pages show you how the buildings look now, and it has a plastic page you can put over the top of it and show you how the building did look in its time. I have seen most of those buildings while touring through Italy. Truly amazing.

Image result for clip art italy

I’m off now to bother my oldest son as we are the only two at home right now, and secretly.......I think he likes it when I stir him up. After pressing my buttons with his comment about ‘there’s nothing to eat.....only ingredients’.......I think he needs some teasing.
Stay happy everyone.

Ciao, Anita.
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ah! there is nothing like
Staying at home for real comfort.
-      Jane Austen, Emma.
I’m enjoying my holidays so much, it’s amazing!! The weather is pretty chilly here, so that means the fire is raging, the hot drinks are flowing and I’m content to just roam around the house and enjoy doing the things I don’t get to do usually.
Image result for clip art small winter clips
Heather and I took ourselves over to the little town of York yesterday, to the markets. We had our knitted and sewn goods for sale and we did really well. The people were lovely and friendly. I can tell you we did wonder why we were driving along in the freezing cold at that hour of the morning! Lol Turned into a lovely day....and we were well behaved.
 Image result for clip art small winter gloves
I have been super lucky to visit my tribe of nieces and nephews. I even got to spend some time with my niece Lisa and visit a beautiful garden nursery. That was heaps of fun and beaut to spend time with her. When I was kissing all the little nephews and niece goodbye, I managed to get a “candle kiss” from little Jack! That joined us together for a split second. Lol.

Winter and knitting go hand in hand around here too, so there’s been lots of that going on. Come with me.........

Cute little baby beanies on the go.......

 Little bootees in gorgeous soft yarn....

2 black cowls coming up! These have already been sold.

 Image result for clip art small winter gloves

 Ready for the market table...sweet little legs warmers.

Child’s fingerless mittens (already sold!) Glad I quickly took a photo. lol
 A sneak peak of one of my projects. I love this pattern but don’t know what it’s called. Very pretty.
 Another sneak peak. I’m being a bit cagey aren’t I? lol
 A friend of mine dropped off a big bag of mixed yarn with some lovely textures in it. I’m already knitting away with some of it. A pity I’m not much of a photographer because I haven’t been able to capture the lovely texture and colours. I am making a cowl out of this lot of yarn and can’t wait to get stuck into the next lot.

I’m off to see what everyone is doing around the house. I’ll be doing all the things that make me happy today, that would include stirring up the hubby. I think he secretly likes that. I know I do. Lol
You groovy cats enjoy your lovely Sunday.

Cheers, Anita.
Image result for clip art small winter hearts
Viva Italia.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The best way to cheer yourself
is to try to cheer somebody else up.
-Mark Twain.
We know winter is here, two of the boys have gone off gokarting and two of us are holed up at home sick! Lol Brandon and I have managed to get a good dose of the cold and tagging along with that we both have the aching joints, headache and feel like a pair of tired sloths! But alas, we will not moan, there are worse things than just a cold.
This weekend (in between the sleeps), I have made good progress on some knitting I had started through the week. Come and have a sticky beak with me.....

One hot water bottle cover done!
This is actually knitted in 8 ply using a pattern from Ravelry but I added my own design on it. There are some super hot water bottle covers on Ravelry if anyone is interested. Go check it out.

Image result for clipart small flowers
A pair of fingerless mittens (pattern also found on Ravelry), these are being sold.

One pesky little brat who is just trying to get to the camera by sliding under my leg. Milo

2 pair of fingerless mittens, with the individual fingers added.
A sneak peak of a secret project on the go. 121 sts on the needles in 8 ply yarn and a sweet, sweet pattern. 
Image result for clipart small whimsy
I did notice that while I was looking for a pattern to knit up the hot water bottle covers, that most were knitted in 10 ply. Not too helpful if you’re a hoarder of 8 ply yarn and trying to use it up. That’s why quite often I will just make up my own pattern to accommodate.

I am finding the 10 ply is really taking over even in the fingerless mittens patterns and some baby wear! That can’t be right can it?

What do you knitters out there think? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Well guys, I'm off to chew on another Vicks lolly now to help clear the nose, and to sit near the fire and just do my knitting. I'm so over the moon with my pink project that I want to get stuck into it. If you see smoke coming from my place, don't worry it will just be the knitting needles clicking like wild!! lol.
Stay warm and happy.
Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia

Sunday, June 21, 2015

I adore simple pleasures
They are the last refuge of the complex.
-Oscar Wilde.

Having kicked off the weekend on Thursday afternoon, it has been run, run, run really. Lol It is one of those weekend’s where everything needs doing. Perhaps I didn’t quite plan things as well as I could have but I shall plod along.

Cory and I drove to the city on Friday to have the final orthodontist appointment. Luckily, the wisdom teeth have already been removed, so it is all done. We had the best day together, getting the giggles so badly that there were tears of laughter rolling down our faces. Who was in control of the car while this was all happening? Who knows!! I think it was meant to be me but I couldn't see much. The cars travelling either side of us must've thought we were a pair of nutters! lol

I did manage some special baking.....two batches of cupcakes. One for home and one for the Ag Society gang. I unfortunately missed our meeting on Friday night, but two rascal members (Chris and Neville) dropped by to take the goodies with them. I hear the President cautiously ate one of my cupcakes....He feared I may have sprinkled his with laxettes!!! Lol Would I do that?

One of the things in the world that warms my heart.....my beautiful cardigan...Made in Italy.

On the productive side of the week, I am making my way through the knitting orders and have stitches on my needles making a hot water bottle cover. 

A deep purple, 8 ply yarn is the go here. There are many free patterns on the net. I have noticed that many of the patterns for the water bottle covers are in 10 ply. Probably not a favourite ply that I like, but hey.....any knitting is good knitting. lol

Another project on the order list is fingerless mittens and once again there are a squillion patterns to sink your teeth into. My pattern below is of course an 8 ply pattern and since I took the photo, I have completed the mitts. I will show them finished next post.
A fun trip to the local library saw me walk out with some pretty groovy books. This cute little craft book will be a good excuse to sit with a cuppa and browse.

Ok....I know, you guys can’t expect anything else now. You all know Italy runs through my veins. Lol. The good thing is that while I’m drooling over these books, I’m leaving everyone else in the house alone. 
I've just found a cute pattern to knit a Christmas elf. If you want to check out a sweet knitting blog, click here for some fun.
Image result for clip art knitted elf
I’m hoofing it out of here now. I can hear the kettle calling out to me, I can also hear that rotten ironing board screaming my name (I should change my name and not tell the ironing board).
Wishing you all the best weekend. Hope you’re doing things you love to do the most.

Cheers, Anita.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


A friend is someone who reaches for your hand
But touches you heart.
-        from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Hey!!!.....good morning everyone! I haven’t looked out the window yet to see what sort of weather awaits me....but it feels cold already! Lol
I have a few photo’s to share this week, so grab a cuppa and join me.

The first pic I share with you is a special group of people I hold close to my heart. They are my friends from gym, though some of the crew had to leave for work and are missing. I have many laughs with them and we’ve been a “gang” for a couple of years now. These guys are super nice. That's me in the pink top....with almost an angelic look about me. The young man in the photo is from Italy, so he’s extra special!!  J

Image result for friendship clip art
My creative week........
A bit of cooking. I quickly took a pic before they were all gone. They are little cheese and bacon rolls. Click here for recipe. I have to warn you...they are yum. The flour is mixed with greek yoghurt.

Setting up our stall for market day. A very fun day with Heather the feather.

 New beanie and booties to add to my collection.

My own creation, a little cutie doll. I was thinking of Shae  yesterday when I made her.

I was very creative sitting in my sewing shed yesterday....some more little lovelies  for the market. 
 Image result for small flower clip art
In my garden......the first time this bush has flowered...very happy.

I can hear my son and hubby trotting around the house and that can only mean one thing......time to go and shatter their peace and quietness!!! Maw haw haw.
Have a groovy day!!
Cheers, Anita.

Viva Italia.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Faith grows as I do
the simple things I know

how to do.

Well, a glorious Good morning and Buongiorno to you all! I have woken up to a sunny autumn’s day, with heaps of birds chirping, hardly any sound of traffic and the fire still burning. What more could one ask for? Lol
Image result for flowers clip art
I have been busy with some secret projects this week and can’t share them with you just yet, so it’s a bit light on with show and tell. Next week I will show and tell them. I was busy this week filling orders for headbands and while I was at it a fantastic idea came to me.

I happened to be looking out the library door at work when our aboriginal aide Lizzy walked by with one of the students who had a headband on that I had knitted for her. It suddenly came to me that I should knit some headbands in the aboriginal colours. I asked Lizzy about them and she was over the moon.......she ordered three of them straight away. How excited was I!!!

 National Sorry Day

On Tuesday 26th May, Australians across the country acknowledged National Sorry Day. It is a day to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the country's indigenous population.
Image result for aboriginal clip art

A couple of my new headband additions.
A glorious walk through the garden : the marvellous shade of pinks and such a beautiful smell. Sometimes it is nice to just slow down, and really take in the wonder of mother nature.

 How pretty is this? Gorgeous I say.
 A trip to the local library was a winner for me. I’m flicking through these pages like a wild woman.
Brandon and I had just finished looking out across the incredible view in front of us, we were both overwhelmed. The Colosseum, in Italy.....a place where so many perished. I am also Sorry for all those souls taken.

Image result for clip art roses
We are having a long weekend here in Western Australia to celebrate Western Australia Day, so tomorrow I am going to enjoy my extra day.

Well sweeties......I’m buzzing off now. Enjoy this wonderful day and I hope you spend your time doing the things you love to do.
Cheers, Anita.
Image result for clipart italy


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